The Humanities Division participates in a variety of events and activities throughout the year.

Humanities Scholarship Tea

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Each spring semester, the Fullerton College Humanities Division recognizes outstanding students.  Scholarships are awarded to students for excellent work in their classes in Communication Studies, English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Language, Mindfulness, and Reading.


Creative Writing


LiveWire publishes original stories, poems, creative non-fiction, drama, art, and music that reflect the vibrant, creative community of Fullerton College and the larger Southern California region. Fullerton College students & staff as well as community members at large are invited to submit their original creative work for consideration by our staff.

Open Mic

Fullerton College Open Mic Nights showcase the grit, the talent, and the creativity of student writers.

Visiting Writer

Each semester, the English Department invites Fullerton College students and the community to our visiting writer event, where today’s noted literary practitioners read and discuss their craft.

The Humanities Division is proud to present the French Film Festival. The festival showcases award-winning French films on the Fullerton College campus. The selected films, representing a range of genres and diversity, will ensure that the festival shows the best in entertainment and artistic endeavors to the community.  The festival begins each night with a cultural event with music, food, and artwork representing French culture. 

The Humanities Division is proud to present the German Film & Cultural Fest. The film fest showcases one German film each fall in the Fullerton College Campus Theatre. The selected film represents one of the best films in Germany’s film industry annually. Every year, the festival brings the community the best in entertainment.  The festival begins the night with a cultural event featuring dancing, food, and music representing German culture.

Students enrolled in Fullerton College’s mindfulness program participate in activities sponsored by the Mindful Growth Initiative, a Fullerton College campus initiative that fosters contemplative practices and growth opportunities to develop equity, student success, individual well-being, and community.  Student activities include weekly practice groups for mindfulness, a Mindfulness Club for students, and a three-week Mindfulness Institute for Students among other offerings. All students are welcome and encouraged to join these mindfulness activities!

Fullerton College’s Forensics (Speech & Debate) team offers students a chance to compete academically against many of the nation’s top college’s and universities. The benefits are great! Numerous studies lists Speech and Debate as one of the top ways to gain skills in communication, critical thinking, and research.
Speech and Debate listed on your transcripts are attractive to colleges, graduate schools, and employers. Many of our nation’s top leaders in business and government have backgrounds in Speech and Debate. Not to mention all of the fun you’ll have at each of the tournaments!