French Film Festival

The Fullerton College 10th Annual French Film Festival will be…

April 2-5, 2019

Cultural and food event begins at 6:30 PM followed by movies beginning at 7:30 PM in the Campus Theater. Ticket sales begin January 29, 2018 through the Fullerton College Box Office. FREE parking on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Fullerton College parking structure.  Sponsored by: The Humanities Division (French Film Festival Committee).

Tickets available at the Fullerton College Box Office! Box office open from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday and at 7:00 p.m. each night of the festival!

French Film Festival Cultural Event

Each night of the film festival we will be hosting at cultural event starting at 6:30 PM.   The cultural event will consist of musicians, dancers, artists, and area restaurants giving away free appetizers to all ticket holders.  Restaurants that will be featured at the cultural event this year include, Moulin Bistro, Pandor Boulangerie, Yves Restaurant and Wine bar, Porto’s Bakery, La Belle Cuisine, Les Amis, Jägerhaus, Choux Creme, Bourbon Street Restaurant, and Zombie Donuts.  Our sponsors and cultural partners will also be there to support this event include The Photo Journalista, Alliance Francaise, the French Embassy in the US, Vista Higher Learning,  The Complete Package Printing, Smooth and Skinny, Portal Languages and The Phoenix Club.

FREE Parking is available on the third floor of the Fullerton College parking structure.

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La Famille Bélier/ The Bélier Family

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Comedy/Drama – In the Bélier family, sixteen-year-old Paula is an indispensable interpreter for her deaf parents and brother on a daily basis, especially in the running of the family farm. One day, a music teacher discovers her gift for singing and encourages Paula to audition for the prestigious Maîtrise de Radio France music college in Paris, which will secure her a good career and a college degree. However, this decision would mean leaving her family and taking her first steps towards adulthood

Der ganz grosse Traum/Lessons of a Dream

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sports/Drama -Based on real events, Der ganz grosse Traum relates with both drama and humor. The young teacher Konrad Koch is hired to teach English at a strictly-run German school for boys in 1874. The reform-minded headmaster von Merfeld has hired Koch as one of the very first English teachers of all at a German secondary school in order to let a fresh new wind into his musty institution. Koch sees how badly this is needed in his very first class. Everything that the boys know about England is common prejudices handed down from one generation to the next. In order to stir up some enthusiasm for the foreign language, Oxford graduate Koch resorts to unusual means and introduces his students to a curious sport that comes from Britain: football. Unfortunately, Koch’s unconventional ways soon make him many enemies: influential parents, local dignitaries and, above all, his colleagues, who only believe in Prussian drills and discipline. They all want to get rid of Koch at any price. But then his students take the initiative…

La Vache/One Man and his Cow

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Comedy/Adventure – Fatah, a modest, cheerful and optimistic Algerian peasant who has never left his country, dreams of taking his cow, Jacqueline, to the Paris International Agricultural Show. One day, to everyone’s surprise, he receives an invitation to participate in the Paris show. He must then borrow money from all of the men of the village to complete his journey. He leaves his wife Naima and his two daughters and takes the boat to Marseille with his cow. But, having spent all his money to cross the Mediterranean, he is forced to walk to Paris. It is the start of a trip through France full of interesting encounters; Fatah finds himself repudiated by his brother-in-law, leading a slightly-too-inebriated village fair, being hosted by a bankrupt count, embroiled in a violent demonstration, is separated from Jacqueline, and finally jailed. Meanwhile in his village, expectations rise and fall while the local mukhtar tries to make time with Naima, Fatah’s wife, telling her her husband isn’t coming home. Spotted by the press, the brave walker and his cow become instant sensations on social media, provoking admiration and a few mockers. Despite difficulties, real dangers and despair, Fatah strives to reach the show in time to enter Jacqueline into the contest for the most beautiful Tarentaise cow…

Chocolat/All Out

Friday, April 13, 2018

Biography – In 1897, a black man named Kananga, the son of former slave Cuba, plays a small role in the modest circus Delvaux. George Foottit, a white clown, is asked by the director to bring up their numbers. He gets the idea to have an act with Kananga; a white authoritative clown and a black scapegoat named Chocolat.

They are well received and the word spreads through France, reaching Joseph Oller, director of the Nouveau Cirque. He asks Foottit and Chocolat to take their show to his Parisian establishment. The success is immediate, and Chocolat becomes the first famous black clown. The success stirs envy in his previous employer’s wife. She denounces him for being in France illegally.

Chocolat is arrested and tortured by the police. “A negro always remains a negro,” the police commander tells Chocolat when he releases him. While the humiliation in the circus act is staged for humorous effect, the racism Chocolat encounters in France grinds him down. Chocolat is both celebrated as a star and made into a racial caricature. This becomes strikingly apparent when the poster for the show depicts Chocolat with the face of an ape. Faced with the hypocrisy of French society, he gives himself up to gambling and women. At the end of his life, Chocolat falls into obscurity and dies of illness.



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