All classes are conducted ENTIRELY ONLINE and use CANVAS. For most classes, students are required to be available for “live” virtual class sessions with the instructor during the days and times listed in the class schedule.


For ESL 35 (Intermediate English Grammar), there will be no live sessions. All coursework will be done through Canvas. Students must log onto this course and follow the directions of the instructor by the first day of class or may be dropped from the course.


For course-specific requirements, contact the instructor.


Students in ESL 76, 78, 83, 184, and 190: Your weekly arranged lab hour (WALH) is included in your scheduled class time. Our plan is to resume normal weekly arranged lab hours once the campus resumes face-to-face classes.

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language


What is English as a Second Language?

The English as a Second Language Department or ESL is a program designed for students whose first language is not English. The program offers college level credit classes that prepare students for their academic, career, or other personal goals. ESL professors have specialized training and experience to help students develop English skills with second language acquisition strategies in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  


English as a Second Language Department
Humanities Division
Room 524

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Why take ESL classes at Fullerton College?

Yoshiki Harada

ESL classes at Fullerton College allowed me to improve my English skills so much better. I was in a language school before transferring here, but they do not offer the writing class or academic conversation class in the school. ESL classes here gave me so many opportunities to learn English effectively and efficiently.

Julieta Cortes

I’m taking three classes, and they have helped me a lot in different ways. I’ve improved my grammar, speaking, and vocabulary. I like the professors. They do a great job. Everyone has different activities to encourage us to do better. It was my best decision to come to Fullerton College.

Yen Luong

I think ESL classes are good resources for foreign students because it helps them understand the beauty of English, and the students gain experiences on doing research for class essays. Moreover, students have an opportunity to read some interesting articles.

Zhiwei Xu

There are a lot of classmates who come from different countries in class, and we talk to each other and learn together. In this class, not only did I learn English, but I also made friends.

Claudia Cora

I loved everything about the ESL classes at Fullerton College. I learned a lot from my professor, and I also feel the Writing Center helps a lot.