Weekly Arranged Lab Hours (WALH)

* SPRING 2023 UPDATE: Students in ESL 82 – 20589 (Hui), ESL 83 – 20591 (Tiangco), ESL 184 – 20592 (Gaitatjis), and ESL 190 – 20593 (Rosen) are required to attend lab for a minimum of 50 minutes every weekThe lab is in Room 801 – Skills Center. Follow your professor’s instructions on how to complete your weekly lab activities.

Students in evening Zoom classes ESL 184 – 20594 (Tapia), and ESL 190 – 20596 (Hui) will complete their lab hour as part of their scheduled class time. You do not need to visit the Skills Center in-person. Follow your professor’s instructions on how to complete your weekly lab activities. 

The Skills Center (Bldg. 800 – Room 801) is an individual language skill development lab where you will acquire the skills necessary to make you a more successful student. The Skills Center also offers a quiet and structured environment that helps you practice the concepts you are learning in class. Instructors and instructional assistants are available to answer your questions.

ESL 82, 83, 184, and 190 require one hour per week of arranged lab attendance starting with a required orientation during the first week of the semester and continuing through the last week of the semester. This attendance must be completed on a weekly basis. If students miss three weekly arranged lab sessions, they may be dropped from the class. 

Hours of Operation (Spring 2023)

  • 9:25 am – 1:40 pm
  • 9:25 am – 10:50 am
  • 1:25 pm – 2:50 pm
  • 9:25 am – 1:40 pm
  • 9:25 am – 10:50 am
  • 1:25 pm – 2:50 pm
  • 10:20 am – 12:25 pm

Spring 2023 Holidays

The Skills Center is closed during the following days in the Spring 2023 semester.

  • WEEK 4: Friday, February 17 (Lincoln’s Birthday Holiday)
  • WEEK 5: Monday, February 20 (Presidents’ Day Holiday)
  • SPRING RECESS: Monday, March 20 – Friday, March 24
  • WEEK 9: Friday, March 31 (Cesar Chavez Day)


WALH Assignments

Students will complete lab assignments available on Canvas. These assignments will contain specific activities that they will work on during their arranged lab hour. These assignments, which may sometimes require more than one hour, must be completed during the weekly arranged lab hour at the Skills Center and not at home.

Spring 2023 Students with arranged lab (MORNING STUDENTS only): Click on your ESL course level below to register for the WALH Canvas Course. You will need to log in using your MyGateway ID and password. (Available starting January 17)

Spring 2023 students with scheduled lab (EVENING STUDENTS only): Students in evening classes: ESL 184 – CRN 20594 and ESL 190 – CRN 20596) will complete their WALH as part of their scheduled class time. You do not need to register for the WALH Canvas course above.

Important Information for the First Week of the Semester

  • Students must attend a one-hour orientation in the Skills Center during the first week of the semester to avoid being dropped from the course.
  • To attend the first week orientation, students should register for their WALH Canvas Course (see above) and visit Room 801 during the WALH hours of operation. Introduce yourself to the lab instructor and follow their instructions to check in and start tracking your minutes. You will watch the orientation video and complete the first week’s WALH activities. Once you are done, ask the lab instructor to check your work and receive feedback and credit for the first week.
  • Students do not need to wait until the first day of class to attend the orientation, and students who are petitioning to add one of these ESL courses should complete the orientation during the first week as well.
  • Students may not attend the arranged lab during any time when they are scheduled to be in another class in Fullerton College, Cypress College, or NOCE.