Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Department at Fullerton College offers a variety of courses for those trying to fulfill a requirement and for others who need to develop human communication skills. Start your college career with classes that will enhance all your other course work. From Public Speaking to Intercultural Communication, there is a class that will meet your needs. Fullerton also offers an expanding Forensics team for those who want to turn their speaking skills into a competitive edge.


The English Department strives to help students to strengthen writing and critical thinking skills that will serve them not only in English courses, but also throughout their college careers and beyond.  Besides offering stimulating courses in composition, literature, creative writing and film, the English Department also supports our student community by hosting guest speaker events, such as the Visiting Writer series, and through offering numerous student writing awards.

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language Department helps non-native English speakers gain competence and confidence in their academic language skills in order to be successful in college. The department offers a sequence of academic English courses from low intermediate to transfer level composition along with support courses in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation. Students from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds enjoy the community of learners in our classes.


Foreign Languages

The Foreign Language Department offers courses for credit in a number of languages including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Classes include levels 101 and 102 for the first year of instruction and intermediate levels 203 and 204 for the second year of instruction for most languages.


The Mindfulness Program introduces students to the practice of mindful awareness. In our courses, students learn to cultivate informal and formal mindfulness and compassion practices grounded in present-moment awareness, non-judgmental acceptance of one’s unfolding experiences (mind and body), and kindness toward oneself and one’s world. Course offerings foster students’ capacity for deep reflection, meaningful inquiry, critical thinking, and social responsibility through the development of diverse ways of knowing. In addition to course offerings, students in the Mindfulness Program participate in student activities offered by the Mindful Growth Initiative, including drop-in Mindful Monday practices and a Mindfulness Student Club.


The Reading Department is committed to helping students acquire the necessary foundation for academic success and lifelong learning. Reading courses include instruction in study skills, vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, and critical thinking. Our faculty are experts in the field of reading and guide students in developing comprehensive reading strategies, integrating essential study skills into classroom learning, and achieving academic goals.