Debate and Forensics Team

Intercollegiate speech and debate (“forensics”) offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a winning team and develop skills that will make you more competitive throughout college and your career. As part of the team, you will work with other highly motivated students who work on speeches and debates, researching and practicing in preparation for competition against schools from the area and from throughout the United States.
Forensics includes debate (team and Lincoln-Douglas) and a wide range of individual speaking events (persuasion, informative, impromptu, communication analysis, and oral interpretation of literature). Weekly practices help you build skills in research, organization, delivery, and reasoning. Students begin competition at the novice level, and move on to compete in open division. The Speech and Debate/Forensics team compete against community colleges and universities.

In a world where you’ll face competition in the job market, speech and debate will give you a significant competitive edge. No matter what your major, no matter what your career, a high percentage of the nation’s leaders in law, business, and government have benefited from speech and debate. Contact Collette Blumer (, Jeff Samano (, or Joel Salcedo¬† ( today for more information on how you can join!