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Reading Courses


READ 142 F Logical Analysis and Evaluation

3 units
UC IGETC AREA 1B:  English Communication – Critical Thinking-English Composition
CSU AREA A3: Communication in the English Language – Critical Thinking
FC GE Area A2:  Analytical Thinking
Prerequisite of ENGL 100 F, 100H F, 101 F, or 110 F 

Course content includes:

  • Enhancing your critical thinking skills through the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of challenging reading materials.
  • Applying analytical reading skills to writing assignments that fulfill the critical thinking requirements of transfer institutions.
  • Learning how to identify, analyze and explain in writing an author’s point of view and purpose, as well as being able to detect bias and fallacies in arguments.

READ 142 F Testimonials from FC Students:

  • “I can honestly say that this helped me when reading academic journals, articles, and other sources for my classes.”
  • “I am glad that having taken this class I will be able to process information with a more critical eye. I believe it is an important skill given the rapid technology-based way we take in media and news now. I’d like to think that if more of the country was aware of the ideas from this class, we might have a more rational national discourse.”
  • “Critical thinking has made me focus more and really pay attention not just only in reading but anything I do in life. I started to become more aware and analytical with anything I do, read, or watch.”
  • “The lessons I have learned from this class will stick with me in my everyday life. I can feel the mental development that I have grown into and I am very thankful for the new outlooks and critical reading and thinking I have acquired this semester. I have used these sets of skills for my other classes and will continue using them.”

READ 127 F College Literacy Skills 

2 units
CSU Transferable
No Prerequisites

Course content includes:

  • Learning and applying purposeful reading strategies to academic texts.
  • Practicing focused note-taking as a way to encourage critical review of content.
  • Improving college-level vocabulary development.
  • Participating in a learning community that fosters student motivation.

READ 127 F Testimonials from FC Students:

  • “I feel that this class has been very helpful when it comes to reading articles. I would recommend this class to my friend because I know it will be helpful in the long run. Overall I have enjoyed this class and the readings which helped me with my perspective on life.” 
  • “The Active Reading Checklist assignments have helped me a lot. They help break the reading into more easily digestible chunks, which I found useful. I would recommend this course to a friend because it teaches you strategies you can apply to any type of academic reading.”