Apisara Vairojanakich

Meet Apisara Vairojanakich. Apisara is originally from Thailand. She is currently taking ESL 190 with Professor Cain.

Apisara talks about how she is able to read and understand articles faster and more effectively than before because of the reading strategies she has learned from her ESL class. She is also now more confident when she presents in front of the class because she gets plenty of speaking practice in her ESL class.

She advises future students to manage their time well so that they have plenty of time to work on their writing assignments and the lab activities in the Skills Center, which she finds very helpful. In addition, she encourages students to get to know their classmates and make a lot of friends.

Apisara’s plan is to complete her general education classes and pursue a degree in health science at a 4-year university.

Posted May 2018