Reading Department Awards

Bill Glassman Reading Scholarship
Established in honor of a Fullerton College reading instructor who taught for over 40 years at the college, the Bill Glassman Reading Scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled in the reading program.

2021 Award Recipient

Lexis Macias

Lexis completed the sequence of READ courses as an exemplary student. As soon as I met Lexis, I could tell she was an intelligent and motivated student. She demonstrated high levels of critical thinking and kindness to the other students in each of the READ courses. I know Lexis will continue to do outstanding work in her future academic career.


– Professor Valerie Tuttle

Junior Ebell Club Scholarship Reading Award
The Junior Ebell Club Scholarship Reading Award honors outstanding students who are improving their reading, critical thinking, vocabulary, and/or study skills.

2021 Award Recipient

Antonio Licea

I want to thank you guys for granting me this scholarship, it truly means a lot to me!


– Antonio Licea

Tony successfully applied the reading strategies he learned in his READ class to his other courses which fostered resilience and persistence to remain in school and achieve academic success. The Reading Department appreciates his dedication to furthering his education and we are proud to support his efforts!


– Professor Valerie Tuttle

Phyllis Sanderson Scholarship
The Phyllis Sanderson Scholarship is in memory of Phyllis Sanderson, who taught ESL and Reading at Fullerton College for many years. She is remembered for her scholarship and her nurturing character.

2021 Award Recipient

Sahil Sarwari

Attending FC for the last four semesters, I would like to express my gratitude by thanking all my professors, especially Mrs. Tuttle, for nominating me for this award. FC has been a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to see the positivity this experience will bring in future encounters.


– Sahil Sarwari

Sahil demonstrated excellence and success while taking READ 127 and READ 142. He is a diligent student with exemplary critical thinking skills. He set an example for his peers in both classes by contributing thoughtfully to class discussions and fully engaging in both small and large group activities. Sahil approached every assignment with personal integrity and professionalism. I am proud to have been Sahil’s professor for three semesters and I know he has a bright future ahead!


– Professor Valerie Tuttle