Foreign Language Department Awards

Achievement Awards
The Foreign Language Department Achievement Awards are given to outstanding students who demonstrate high levels of motivation and performance in foreign language classes.

2021 Award Recipients

Hayley Hithe

I am honored to receive this award. Thank you Professor Chang for all of your help and support. I am glad to know you and have you as my Chinese professor. I think you are an exceptional teacher. I have had a wonderful experience at Fullerton College, and I am grateful for its role in my academic journey.


-Hayley Hithe

Hayley majors in Chinese. She has been with me from Chinese 101, 102 and 203 now and is always on top of everything in Chinese discipline. Her distinctive qualities of conscientiousness, excellence, learning through asking questions, and supportiveness to the class makes her an inspirational and exemplary student. Her whole-hearted dedication in learning Chinese language impressed everyone. It is my great pleasure to have an outstanding student like Hayley. Congratulations for getting Achievement Award!


– Professor Chiu-Chin (Jean) Chang

Erin Lacorte

I am deeply honored for being chosen for this award. I’m so grateful I decided to take French. Madame Reinhardt has created a wonderful community. I’ve met the most amazing folks who hold a special place in my heart and they have helped me grow into a better version of myself.


– Erin Lacorte

Erin is a French learner at heart: for the past year she has fully embraced all the resources provided by the French program to study and practice French in the Zoom environment far beyond the program requirements. Her dedication has shattered all expectations and she has acquired a remarkable agility in the French language and culture while creating a passionate French community in class, tutoring and the French Club. We are proud of you Erin.

– Professor Catherine Reinhardt-Zacaïr

Elijah McBee

Thank you so much to the Humanities Division and the Foreign Language Department for choosing me for this award! I also wanted to say thank you so much to my amazing professor, Lina Callahan! I wouldn’t be here without you!

– Elijah McBee

Elijah is an outstanding student with an innate talent for languages. I first met him in my SPAN 101 ONLINE class in summer 2020, an intensive and challenging short-term class. Elijah is diligent and intellectually curious and is now excelling in SPAN 102 ONLINE. His main academic interests are in science, and I hope he will consider a double-major in Spanish. Congratulations to Elijah on his Spanish Achievement Award.


– Professor Lina Callahan

Olyvia Slaughter

I am so honored and grateful to receive this award. This means so much to me, as it validates my efforts and opens opportunities towards my career in Chinese. I cannot go without appreciating Professor Chang, who not only nominated me, but always believes in and pushes me to do my best. I would also like to recognize my loving family for their continued support. The Humanities Division and Foreign Language department at FC truly is a faculty full of compassion and expertise.

非常感谢! Fēi cháng gǎn xiè! Thank you very much!

– Olyvia Slaughter

Olyvia majors in Chinese. It is my great pleasure to have her ever since Chinese 101, 102, and 203 now. She is a devoted and persistent student and always contributes her very best in class no matter how busy her work has been. She is passionate in learning Chinese and culture and had been the President of Chinese Culture Club. Her incredibly beautiful pronunciation is noted throughout all her classes! Wish you great success with all of your endeavors for your future career using Chinese! Congratulations!


– Professor Chiu-Chin (Jean) Chang

Danielle Smith

I am particularly honored to present Danielle Smith with this year’s Achievement Award for German Language acquisition. Danielle’s approach to learning German is characterized by a great interest in the language, a pursuit of excellence, and a never waning dedication She truly exemplifies the qualities of a model student and it has been a pleasure to be her instructor.


– Professor Klaus Hornell

Dorcas Turner Memorial Scholarship
The Dorcas Turner Memorial Scholarship was established in 1955 in memory of Dorcas Turner, a former teacher of Spanish. The award is given for exemplary performance in foreign language study to a graduating student who will continue foreign language studies.

2021 Award Recipient

Madison Broussard

The French program at Fullerton College has been such an enriching experience for me! It’s wonderful to be surrounded by people who share my interest in learning a new language.


– Madison Broussard

Madison Broussard embodies the profound educational impact of learning-by-doing. She came to our French program after having learned French on the fly while living in France as an au-pair for one year. She modeled the goal of the intermediate French curriculum by fine-tuning her oral and written communication skills grounded in a transformative cultural savviness. French is intertwined with Madison’s educational and professional goals and we wish her success on her French journey beyond Fullerton College.


– Professor Catherine Reinhardt-Zacaïr

Molière French Scholarship
The Molière French Scholarship was established through the Fullerton College French Film Festival, an annual event that takes place every fall semester. The scholarship is awarded to a dedicated student of the French Language.

2021 Award Recipient

Brandon Ponce

Hello! I’m Brandon Ponce and I am very grateful and happy to accept this award given to me by the Humanities Division of Fullerton College! I’m very thankful for my education of two years within the French Department and hope to explore more languages within the Humanities Division!


– Brandon Ponce

Brandon’s passion for the French language, culture and music as well as languages and linguistics in general perfectly symbolizes the Molière Scholarship. One of the greatest French writers, Molière’s influence was so immense that French is often referred to as “the language of Molière”. Congratulations Brandon on mastering the language of Molière thanks to your dedication and perseverance both as a student and tutor. I am honored to present you this award.


– Professor Catherine Reinhardt-Zacaïr

Roberta King Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
The Roberta King Maxwell Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Roberta Maxwell, a teacher of French and Spanish at Fullerton College, and is awarded to an outstanding student of foreign languages.

2021 Award Recipient

José Guillermo Naranjo

¡Qué onda compañerxs! My name is José Guillermo Naranjo and I’m currently just another hardworking FC student doing all they possibly can to succeed! My present objective is to acquire two associate degrees in Spanish and Chicano Studies and then transfer into a four-year university here in Califas!

– José Guillermo Naranjo

José is a born linguist. They are excelling in SPAN 201 ONLINE, Spanish for Native Speakers. They are a leader in course discussions and activities, motivating classmates to rise to their level of dedication. I look forward to hearing back from José once they have accomplished their goal of a Ph.D. degree. Congratulations to José on being selected as the recipient of the Roberta King Maxwell Memorial Scholarship.


– Professor Lina Callahan

Konrad Adenauer German Scholarship
The Konrad Adenauer German Scholarship, awarded for the first time in 2019, honors outstanding foreign language students who have completed German 102. Established by Professor Klaus Hornell, this award will recognize students for generations to come.

2021 Award Recipient

Jose Manuel Montoya

Even though I am only attending FC to learn German, my last two semesters have been such an amazing experience. I would like to thank Professor Klaus Hornell for nominating me for this award and for inspiring me to continue learning.

– Jose Manuel Montoya

It gives me great pleasure to nominate Jose Montoya as this year’s recipient of the Konrad Adenauer Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a student in the German language program, who has demonstrated academic excellence in the study of German. Jose embodies those special qualities including enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and an insatiable appetite to learn. It is an honor to bestow this award upon him.


– Professor Klaus Hornell

Geneva Johnson Foreign Language Scholarship
The Geneva Johnson Foreign Language Scholarship, first awarded in 1964, honors the memory of Geneva Johnson, an outstanding foreign language teacher at Fullerton College for thirty-six years. The award is given to students who will further their study in foreign language.

2021 Award Recipient

Francisco Sánchez

My name is Francisco Sánchez. I am a Spanish and French major at Fullerton College. I feel honored to be the recipient of the Geneva Johnson Foreign Language Scholarship. With it, I plan to graduate from Fullerton College, work in France, and continue my studies at a four-year university. Thank you!

– Francisco Sánchez

I had the pleasure of meeting Francisco in SPAN 201, Spanish for Native Speakers, and then working with him again in SPAN 204 online. Francisco not only excels in Spanish, but also in French. I am so proud for what the future holds for Francisco in his upcoming year teaching in France, and I look forward to hearing back from him as he reaches all his academic goals and dreams, Congratulations to Francisco on being selected as the recipient of the Geneva Johnson Foreign Language Scholarship.


– Professor Lina Callahan

Arnold D. and Lorena B. Caudill Japanese Scholarship
The Japanese Scholarship was established in 2019 by professor emeritus Arnold Caudill, a polyglot who taught several languages at Fullerton College during his career spanning decades. The award honors a high-achieving student who will continue studying Japanese at a four-year university.

2021 Award Recipients

Alex Berens

My time at Fullerton College has provided so many opportunities for me to pursue my life goals, and I am extremely grateful for everyone that has helped me along the way. I would like to thank Professor Noriko Oppenheim for nominating me for this award and for being an exemplary advisor.

– Alex Berens

Alex is one of the most achieved students in my career. He has been a very dedicated and enthusiastic student throughout Japanese level 1 to 4 courses. His grade has been always at the top of the classes, and his demeanor is very pleasant and respectful. He started at a beginner’s level, and now he is fluent in Japanese with experience of living in Japan through Study Abroad. I congratulate him on this award and wish all the best for his future.

– Professor Noriko Oppenheim

Heather Rose Oxley

My time at Fullerton has not only given me countless opportunities to move forward with a chosen career and interest, but also given me the chance to work with and learn under incredible instructors like Noriko Oppenheim. I wish to thank her for nominating me for this award, and for her support during my studies.

– Heather Rose Oxley

Heather has been a remarkable student in addition to her excellent grades throughout the four Japanese courses at Fullerton College. She demonstrated her leadership and positively influenced her classmates to be successful in class. Best wishes for her bright future.


– Professor Noriko Oppenheim