English Department Awards

Kathleen Brooks Achievement Award
The Kathleen Brooks Achievement Award acknowledges a student who displayed a spirit of persistence in English 100 or 101.

2021 Award Recipient

Taylor White

I’m exceedingly grateful to have been nominated and chosen for this award, and am incredibly thankful for my English professor, Bridget Kominek, for making this year so memorable. Many people put in tremendous amounts of work to make this school year not only bearable, but something I’ve come to appreciate.

– Taylor MJ White

I’ve been lucky to teach Taylor for the past year, in English 101 and English 103. I nominated her for the Kathleen Brooks Award because she demonstrates qualities such as persistence, open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, and a deep commitment to excellence. Taylor faces challenges head-on and uses resources to help her continue to work toward her educational goals. I know she has a bright future at Fullerton College and beyond.

– Professor Bridget Kominek

William B. Meyer Freshman Writing Award
The Freshman Writing Award, established in 1975, honors the memory of William B. Meyer, an English teacher at Fullerton College for seventeen years. It is awarded to an outstanding writer from the freshman English composition classes.

2021 Award Recipient

Alyssa Chapa

Last year, I made the tough decision to go back to college during a pandemic. I was so nervous that I would fail! However, thanks to wonderful professors like Richard Levesque, I’ve instead had the chance to learn and grow. Thank you for nominating me for this award!

– Alyssa Chapa

Alyssa Chapa was a student in my English 100 class in fall 2020. From the outset, I was impressed by Alyssa’s work ethic and the effort she put into her assignments. As the semester progressed, her writing only grew stronger, and by the end of 16 weeks, she was producing some of the most sophisticated writing that I have encountered in all my years of teaching. Congratulations on this award, Alyssa!

– Professor Richard Levesque

William T. Boyce Creative Writing Award
Jessamyn West, a noted author and former Fullerton College student, established the William T. Boyce Creative Writing Award to encourage creative writers and to honor the man who had encouraged her to become a writer. The award, first presented in 1960, is given to outstanding writers of poetry, drama, and the short story.

2021 Award Recipient

David Robles

I am honored to receive this award and am grateful for all the professors who helped me develop my skills.

– David Robles

David Robles always brings a powerful element of truth and rawness to his creative writing and our creative writing class. He does not shy away from difficult topics in his writing and I believe that this will make him a successful writer in the future.

– Professor Cynthia Guardado

Herb Guthmann Literature Scholarship
The Herb Guthmann Literature Scholarship was established in memory of Herb Guthmann, English Professor at Fullerton College for over thirty-four years, and honors Herb’s lifelong commitment to students, literature, and excellence in writing. This annual award is given to the best single essay written in a literature class for overall excellence in literary analysis and interpretation.

2021 Award Recipient

Jessica King

Fullerton College is a continuous opportunity for curiosity and growth. The guidance and support from my English professors have helped me grow as a student and writer. I’m grateful to Professor Vandervort for recognizing my ambitions to become a better scholar, and I hope to continue proving my merit!

– Jessica King

I nominated Jessica King for the Herb Guthmann Literature Scholarship due to her outstanding and engaging insights into pivotal works of world literature. As a student in my Fall 2020 World Literature course, Jessica’s thoughtful and in-depth analyses revealed new and intriguing angles of one of the earliest written works of world literature, exemplifying the critical skills we hope to instill in all of the students who join our program. Congratulations, Jessica!

– Professor Kim Vandervort

Amanda Walzer Memorial Scholarship
First awarded in 2017, the Amanda Walzer Memorial Scholarship honors the life and work of English Professor Amanda Walzer. This award recognizes a student whose work reflects Professor Walzer’s dedication to fostering a strong creative writing community at Fullerton College.

2021 Award Recipient

Karsyn Vonachen

I would like to thank you all for accepting me for this award. I appreciate all the work you have done and look forward to another year at this school.

– Karsyn VonAchen

Karsyn VonAchen’s critical application of her creative writing skills has contributed to the success of LiveWire magazine this Spring. Her creativity and ability to manage multiple moving parts will be a huge value to her future success.

– Professor Cynthia Guardado

English Department Scholarship
The English Department Scholarship, first presented in 1964, was established by the English Department faculty to recognize outstanding student performance in composition and literature.

2021 Award Recipient

Kaitlyn Tangunan

I am truly honored to have been chosen for this scholarship. I am grateful to have had such amazing professors who have challenged me, taken a special interest in me, and have gone through the effort to foster my growth. I want to say a special thank you to Professor Mangan, Professor Kominek, and Professor Anderson for nominating me for this award.

-Kaitlyn Tangunan

From the very beginning of the semester, Kaitlyn was simply outstanding. Her ability to analyze complex texts, synthesize their ideas with other class themes, and write compelling essays led to her having the highest overall grade in class. She was also a leader, providing useful feedback to her colleagues and keeping the conversation moving forward. It was very easy to find additional faculty to support her nomination, evidence of her excellence across our program.

-Professor Mike Mangan