Roula Shahin

Meet Roula Shahin.

Roula is originally from Syria and moved to the United States four years ago. She started taking classes at Fullerton College in 2017, and this semester, she is taking ESL 186 with Professor Cain.

“ESL classes have helped me improve my academic writing, reading strategies, and critical thinking.” She also talked about how her ESL classes helped her gain confidence and communicate in her job and personal life. “I’m really grateful to the ESL department and all my teachers for their constructive feedback to develop my learning skills.”

Roula practiced both civil and commercial law back in Syria. Once she finishes the ESL pathway, she hopes to pursue a career in a similar field in the United States. Her advice for future students is to manage their time wisely and pay attention to their professors’ feedback. She added, “Don’t give up! Learning from mistakes is an important part of success.”

Posted November 2018